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Fuda 100: Uncut!'s Journal

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Thursday, November 30th, 2006
5:09 pm - Fanfic: The Heart That Beats

Title: The Heart That Beats
Author: Rana Eros
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei/Weiss Kreuz (set in my Yami no Schwarz fusionverse)
Pairing: Tatsumi/Hisoka/Tsuzuki
Summary: "You'll always be faithfully dangerous, lost and lovely."
Author's Notes: This steals wholesale the original Stages of Love format, but is not an official part of that challenge. The thought came to me as I was writing up pieces for the latest round of the challenge, and elizacakeEliza encouraged it along, then betaed the result. All titles taken from the gorgeous Over the Rhine song, "Faithfully Dangerous." I'll twist just about anything for my nefarious purposes.

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Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
11:03 am - Challenge- Explanation

Title: A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation
Author: Veleda (veleda_k)

The Shokan Divison redefined the word "hectic." It was a place of constant madness and chaos. Tatsumi considered it his job to to shuffle, cajole, or force that chaos into some semblance of order. That meant he had to know everything that went on. No detail was too small, no occurrence was too insignificant.

That's why when he heard unusual noises coming from the break room, he quickly strode over to uncover the problem.

Opening the door, he found Kurosaki-kun and Tsuzuki-san stuck together with what appeared to be unnaturally sticky honey, and the Gushoshin being chased by winged barbecue sauce bottles. 003 was chasing the bottles, thought it was unclear if she was trying apprehend them, or if she simply thought it was a game.

In the center of the confusion stood Watari. Judging from the murderous glares Kurosaki-kun was giving him, he was the cause of the whole mess. He looked up, and exclaimed "Tatsumi, I can explain everything!"

Tatsumi shut the door. Some things he just didn't want to know.

"Hey, this stuff is pretty tasty!"

"Tsuzuki Asato, are you licking me!?"

He really didn't want to know.

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Sunday, January 1st, 2006
6:20 pm - Welcoming the New Year

*waves* Hello everybody! This drabble was written for New Years day, hope you all enjoy! ^_^

Title Welcoming the New Year
Characters: Watari, Terezuma, Tatsumi, Wakaba, Kanoe, Hisoka, Tsuzuki
Pairings: hints of Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Challenge: Intoxication

The New Year started with a bang- literally. Moments later an enraged, and crisp, Terezuma was seen chasing one mad scientist down the halls.

Meanwhile, Tatsumi could be found seated in a corner of his office telling a potted plant, in between his giggles, that if it did not get back to work he would have to cut it's paycheck. It was later determined that the man was under the influence of a substance that shall remain unnamed, compliments to Watari.

Regardless, Wakaba took pictures, Watari was promised a copy, Konoe drowned his sorrows in sake ("Why are my staff such freaks?!"), Terezuma sought sanctuary in the dojo and Hisoka stayed outside, welcoming the New Year in Tsuzuki's arms.

current mood: happy

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
11:53 pm - Rebirthday

Drabble-and-a-half, inspired by syonakeleste. A yakudoshi is a celebration of birthdays at the unfortunate ages (for men) of 25 and 41-- the idea is that if one doesn't do something to ward it off, those years bring bad luck. I thought these two might have reason to adjust those numbers a little bit.


When Tsuzuki was eighteen, he tried to kill himself. And succeeded, even if he did have to spend the next nine years dying.

When Hisoka was eighteen, Tsuzuki tried to kill himself.

Hisoka’s birthdays usually pass without note, even more than most people’s—- no-one wants to remind him of the aging he’ll never do. For his twenty-sixth, though, Tsuzuki makes an exception. Declaring it a delayed yakudoshi, he buys Hisoka a bright red sweater and drags him to shrines, ignoring his partner’s eye-roll and grinning at his quiet smile.

Tsuzuki does agree, though, to forgo a cake in favor of dim-sum. Hisoka still doesn’t like sweets, and Tsuzuki is less enthusiastic than he used to be. He enjoys the sweetness, but he has other pleasures now, less temporary, harder to steal without a fight.

Tsuzuki’s spent the last nine years trying to live. He thinks it might be working.

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
3:47 pm - "Not the Dark Itself" - Muraki x Hisoka - NC-17


Title: Not the Dark Itself

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Muraki x Hisoka

Summary: (1300+ word PWP fic.) "It is not the dark alone that I fear, but that which lies within it."

Not the Dark Itself - DrabbleCollapse )

Not the Dark Itself - FicCollapse )

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
8:17 am

This is the sister community to fuda_100, the 100-word drabble community for Yami no Matsuei.

Did your drabble get away from you? Got more than 100 words and can't bear to let them go? Has your tiny drabble spun off into a full-blown fanfic? This is the place for you!

There are no weekly topics. Post here when you have something in response to the weekly fuda_100 challenge and you just can't make it fit :)

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